Project Bolero Devlog 7

Work Since Last Devlog

No progress, and it doesn’t look like I will be getting any substantial work done on Up High this year. I’ll be putting these updates on hiatus until I have something interesting to say.



While I wanted to get one more project out the door for 2018, I suppose the year hasn’t been too bad overall. I made a Bitsy game that I’m happy with, and a pretty large ZZT adventure. With help from the Discord of ZZT, I also logged many hours mapping out and making notes for ZZT’s most bewildering curio. To be honest, I’ve been logging quite a few hours into ZZT this month since finding a new use for statless passage entities, though even this will likely have to be put aside this December.

Plans For Next Post

I hope to be back at this once things have settled down. Cheers!