Unnamed Music Tracker Devlog 3

  • Changed the user-facing tempo setting from samples-per-second to beats-per-minute. There is some precision loss due to using integers which I’ll have to follow up on later.
  • Moved the interface structure and functions out of main.c and into a separate source file. I think I need to do some reading on thread safety, as most of the data I want to display and interact with is also data that the audio callback needs near-constant access to.

I thought I did more than that, but I guess I spent more time thinking about things and rearranging code than I did taking any action. I wonder what the best method would be to handle panning stereo samples. Anyways! I need to put this out of sight and out of mind for a bit.

Edit: Added stereo samples, using the same panning law as the mono samples. Left sample goes to left channel, right sample goes to right, no inter-mixing the two samples or anything. Alright go to bed now geez