Project Bolero Devlog 25

Testing some temporary / stand-in actor types, with easier-to-manage collision detection and movement code than what was in Hibernator. The purple guys actually fall down when not standing on solid terrain, unlike any non-player character in Hibernator. The circular actors are bouncing around within a container of solid terrain.


Work Since Last Devlog

  • Made some modest progress on cleaning up collision detection and platforming code, but got distracted with restructuring parts of the codebase (see below).
  • Fixed a bug where spawnpoints skewed down the further right they were on a map. This wasn’t noticeable on the left-hand side of a map, but as you traveled further right, things would be stuck in the ground. Oh dear. Root cause was incorrect bracket placement in the Y coordinate assignment. Something similar happened while working on Hibernator.
  • The mouse cursor now hides after 2 seconds of inactivity, and reappears if moving about 8 pixels away from its resting spot.



I felt like I was going to get further with platforming and actor state management this week, but I ended up shuffling around a lot of core engine code instead. The structure is a little better now, which is good, but it makes for no plainly visible improvements. I’m out of town this weekend, so I won’t be able to do as much as I’d like on it.

I came up with some droning SFX that I’m happy with, but not sure if they will make it into Bolero 2.

I bought and played Attraction Force, a fun little arcade platformer from the maker of [Speer] on Itch.

Plans For Next Post
  • Get actors acting again.