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This is a stub for a directory of ZZT worlds that are about ZZT. Magazines, how-to guides, things of that nature.

(This is going to take a long while to fill out.)

One of the unique aspects of ZZT is its capacity to be used as a medium for publishing about ZZT itself. Various company magazines, best-practice guides, and reference encyclopedias (collections of cool things you can do) were created throughout the years. However, the drawback of publishing information in this way is that you can't get to it easily without loading the world files in ZZT and actually playing them. The Museum of ZZT File Viewer helps greatly with this visibility problem, but the content is still spread across several publications.

This page will start out as a few random notes, but I hope to eventually map out the encyclopedias and attribute sources where possible.

ZZT Syndromes

Author: Barjesse

Year: 1996

Description: A classic in its own right, Barjesse guides new ZZTers through issues and mistakes that were common in the AOL era.

The UNOFFICIAL ZZT Programming Guide

Author: Corey "Des" Garriott, Mark McIntire and Others

Year: 1996

Description: "Want to begin ZZT programing? This game may silence some discordant items in your games!"

Notes: Seems to start on the wrong board.

Emon's Guild To ZZT

Author: Emon

Year: 2001

Description: "From basic stuff to cool tricks with ZZT-OPP." First topic is rooms with yellow borders.

ZZT Programming Tricks and Techniques

Author: zzo38

Year: 2018

Description: A newly-minted ZZT-on-ZZT world!