Blog Todo List

Updated 11/Nov/2017

List of things that I need to fix or fill out in existing posts.

Thrift Logs

  • Intellivision Plug-and-Play post needs images of the unit, NES map artifacts, and an image on the Intellivision controller for reference. Nah I’m done with this.
  • Cicero PC – needs pic More or less done
  • SideWinder PnP – needs pic Done
  • SideWinder X6 – needs pic Done


  • Cave Noire – needs the remaining monster GIFs and maybe some rewriting / restructuring.


  • XMPlay – notes on sorting files in the playlist (it’s in the “?” icon) GOOD NUFF
  • PDCurses post – needs all loose ends tied up


  • IVR Game – need to either package for more platforms, or release the Python source, or both. (The source is available upon request, I’m just lazy and the code is embarrassing.) Embarrassing source code is now available on the project page.