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Updated 18/Aug/2019

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IT and Program Notes



Input Sharing Software
(Synergy, Mouse without Borders, Input Director, Multiplicity, ShareMouse)


Vintage PC Notes
(Dell Optiplex GX1)

(With Windows 10)

Python 3.4, Kivy 1.9.1, Windows 10: Crashes in programs with audio that are exported with PyInstaller

Raspberry Pi 2 Composite video

Sound Effect Generators
(sfxr plus related forks, Bfxr, and Chiptone)

VirtualBox Administration Notes

WikidPad 2.2 Administration Notes

Windows 10 Notes

Windows 10: On lock screen, 2nd monitor does not recover from power-saving mode
(Problem happens with HDMI or DVI connections only.)



Game notes

Cave Noire
Odallus: The Dark Call under Wine

Game reviews




MIDI Masquerade
(MIDI archives on the internet host some .mid files that aren’t MIDIs at all.)

SNES Slap Bass
Bwoo bwoo bwoo bwoo.)


Personal / Diary


Platformer Project: Plans vs Reality
Maze Minders: Bitsy to ZZT

Project Bolero Devlog

12/Oct/2018: Post 0
14/Oct/2018: Post 1
21/Oct/2018: Post 2
28/Oct/2018: Post 3
04/Nov/2018: Post 4
11/Nov/2018: Post 5
18/Nov/2018: Post 6
30/Nov/2018: Post 7
17/Feb/2019: Post 8
24/Feb/2019: Post 9
3/Mar/2019: Post 10
10/Mar/2019: Post 11
17/Mar/2019: Post 12
24/Mar/2019: Post 13
31/Mar/2019: Post 14
8/Apr/2019: Post 15 (Hibernator released)
14/Apr/2019: Post 16
2/Jun/2019: Post 17
9/Jun/2019: Post 18 (a non-update, more or less)
Post 19
24/Jun/2019: Post 20
30/Jun/2019: Post 21
7/Jul/2019: Post 22
14/Jul/2019: Post 23
21/Jul/2019: Post 24
28/Jul/2019: Post 25
4/Aug/2019: Post 26
11/Aug/2019: Post 27
18/Aug/2019: Post 28

mxmTracker Devlog

25/May/2019: Post 1
26/May/2019: Post 2
26/May/2019: Post 3
31/May/2019: Post 4
2/Jun/2019: Post 5

Thrift Store posts:


(Exluding this page, and the About section.)

IVR Game
Blog Todo List
Curses Cacophony


Pages on External Domains

Blokpuzl.exe and Shmops: A couple of blogs about block puzzle and shooter games respectively that I never really got off the ground. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get around to posting more on them.