Jul 2023

  • Updated QuadSlice to v1.3.0. This is a major rewrite, with better support for subsets of the 3×3 9-slice grid and the ability to toggle each tile on or off. Also updated Astro to v1.1.0, with the only changes involving QuadSlice.
  • Updated Idops to v0.0.5. It now has a function to copy RGB values of visible pixels into neighbouring invisible (zero alpha) pixels. This reduces the perception of alpha bleeding without using premultiplied alpha.
  • I had issues with ProdUI accessing some files through require, so I wrote depot, a resource loader that uses love.filesystem.load internally. Hoping to put it online sometime in August.
  • Implemented a stack of canvases as a way to apply fading and shader effects to widgets. Idea taken from lwtk‘s opacity stack.
  • In the widget render code, I replaced most LÖVE geometric shape functions with textured quads where it makes sense.